World’s Top 5 Most Expensive Limos

Limos are types of luxury sedan cars mainly used in USA. These are mainly high end cars with stretched wheel base and mostly driven by a chauffeur.  These cars are used by politicians or wealthy and powerful people or high government officials. Limo builders often modify the car as a third party before they them to Limo companies or various other clients.

Apart from these Limos are also rented for special events, birthday parties, proms or even just for a night out. Generally limos are manufactured in series but here are a list of the world’s top 5 Limos by various limo builders which are different from the rest.

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  1. The Batmobile

This Limo was built in 2012 inspired by the famous batman movie and is named as
“Batmobile”. This Limo has all those gadgets needed fitted and performs special features like rocket launcher, jet engine, missile launcher, gasoline control, rear flaps and ejectable front and black wheels. This classy vehicle has all the curves suitable for being called as a super hero and has a price tag of $4.2 million.

  1. The American Dream

This Limousine has 26 tires, a heated Jacuzzi, a sun deck, a swimming pool, bed with room for passengers and a helipad. This Limo called as “American dream is claimed to hold a Guinness World Records as the world’s longest car which is 100- foot long. This Limo is worth $4 million.

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  1. The Beast

This Limo named as the “Beast” was used by the US President Barack Obama in 2009. It is fitted with armored plates and is exceedingly well equipped. You name it and it has it all, starting from firefighting equipment to grenade launcher it also has inbuilt oxygen tanks, tear gas canister and shotgun, leaving no reason for the president to use it.  However, only trained drivers are allowed to drive it that can carry out police style operations if needed. This has a price tag of $3 million.

  1. The Midnight Rider

This is a tractor –trailer Limo and the only one ever built. This is also a record holder in the year 2011 in Guinness Book of World Record as the world’s heaviest Limo. It can hold up to 40 passengers. It has 3 separate lounges and even a full commercial sized bar. On reviewing the limo builder, owner Pamela Bartholomew Machado said it was built to bring back the feel of the days of luxury rail road travel.

  1. Toyota Century Royal

This limo with 4 doors is crafted exclusively for the Emperor of Japan. Security measures have been built for the protection of the Japanese royal family. According to Limo builders only 4 units of Limo of this type has been built since 2006.

Apart from these top 5 Limos other prestigious Limos like Boeing Limo, Tank Limo, Armor Horse Vault and Lamborghini Aventador Limo also are among the greatest and expensive Limos to have been manufactured as mentioned by limo builders.

Armored Cars for Special Occasions – Car Models and Occasions

Armored cars are used by journalists, actors, show business, music industry etc. because of the increased danger. Vehicle armor companies design them so that they are sophisticated, sleek and stylish. They are also very safe and provide very high protection.

Armored cars are a daily requirement for leaders, businessmen and other diplomats. Armored car companies make sure that these cars are able to withstand attacks and also prevent the passengers from getting injured.

There are different models for different occasions. They usually are able to protect one from shots of sniper rifles, special explosive devices, grenade, shells, shrapnel, military weapons etc.

vehicle armor

Intelligent security systems, the window glasses, etc. provide protection while the interior is made to make the trip a comfortable one. Communication systems are also installed inside for communicating with the outside world if there was an attack.

Vehicle armor companies make sure that the cars are safe and secure while simultaneously striving to better the protection. Choosing the appropriate armored car is important for maximum safety and security. Here are the types of armored cars you need for every occasion.


Armored limousines  

Armored limousines are perfect for business trips, business meetings, official events, family gatherings etc. Though they are elegant, stylish and provide a smooth ride, they are not fast. The famous brands of armored limousines are Buick Riviera, Cadillac Eldorado Gold and, Jaguar Sovereign V12 5.3.

Off-road, Jeeps and SUV armored vehicles

Being suitable for both the urban and the outside of the city terrains, these allow more armor.  The popular brands are BMV Х5 30d, Range Rover,Knight XV, Cadilac Escalade, Ford F 250 Harley Davidson, Huron and  Toyota Land Cruiser 100.

Toyota land cruiser has a diesel engine that can hold up to 595km and at a race, you do not have to risk stopping for gas. Mercedes jeeps provide strong ballistic protection and with this, your safety can be assured.

armor vehicle

Civilian armored vehicles

Vehicle armor companies make these vehicles in such a way that they get mixed up with other vehicles on the road. They are not easily distinguishable. The best part is that they are elegant though they have a bumper. Lightweight materials are used in making these cars and they are best for usage in the urban areas.

The popular brands are Mercedes S500 4matic, Porsche Panamera 4.8 V8 Turbo, Bentley Mulsanne, Chevrolet Suburban and BMW 760Li. In Maybach, you are protected from 308- caliber guns, AK-47 rifles and many others. Mercedez-Benz S600 is explosion resistant and has a night vision system. It provides extra protection.

Sports armored vehicles

Sports vehicle armor companies manufacture them so that they are suitable for both urban and other terrains. They create a powerful impression and have sleek designs, with 100% protection. The popular brands are Chevrolet Camaro, Porsche Carrera b-turbo t-hard, Ford Mustang GT and Maserati Quattroporte.

armored vehicle

Armored buses

They are designed to transport valuables and other important items. They cannot be distinguished from other vehicles. The popular brands are Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen T5 Box Body, Mercedes Benz Vario and Volkswagen Crafter.

Retro cars

Classic retro cars are used for celebrations and other important events. However, they are not very reliable.

Car Repair Tips to Drive Safe in winters on Snow

For motorists, bad weather conditions can be very frightening. It is equally dangerous. Among the various weather conditions that one encounters, winter becomes one of the most challenging season. This is because if a motorist is not careful while driving through the snow it can lead to road accidents. Hence, it becomes important for the motorists to know some basic safety rules while driving in winter and tips to prevent a car rental Toronto from breaking down. In case, you want to take good care of your car ahead of winter, you can take the help of car repair mechanics.

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Winter Can Create Havoc on Your Car

During the winter season, you will hear about increasing number of accidents. Not only that, you might notice people getting stranded in the middle of the road. Sometimes a vehicle might even refuse to start. It happens because damp weather causes havoc on the batteries. Other issues which a motorist might face during winter months while driving through the snow can be associated with the tires or even brakes.

In order to avoid any unforeseen issues, it would be better if one takes preventive maintenance measures. If you don’t have an idea on the things that you need to look into for your car rental Toronto, you can take the help of car repair mechanic. They will diagnose your car and ensure there is no problem. It would then help vehicle owners to drive their vehicle safely.

Maintenance Tips Ahead Of Winter

Battery and Charging System

It needs to be checked so that you are not left stranded on the road. Mechanics will ensure that it provides optimum performance.

Oil Change

Car rental Toronto experts recommend Oil changes on time are important in order to maintain the integrity of the vehicle. Changing the oil can help a car to run smoothly.

Brakes and Exhaust

Experts suggest that it is important to take a look into the brakes and exhaust. This is because during winter problems with brakes increases. Thus, mechanics will look out for potential issues and solve the problem.

Winter Blades

Dull wiper blades can affect seeing things clearly. Replacing old ones with a new blade is important. Also, using cold washer fluid can improve the visibility according to car repair mechanics.

These are some basic preventive maintenance which can be taken for keeping a car rental Toronto run smoothly. However, there are some tips for drivers also.

Tips to Drivers on Safe Driving

  • Until necessary, it would be best to avoid taking your car on the roads. It would be best to take a public transport.
  • One should get their accelerator, steering wheel, change gear, and braked checked by an expert. It would help in reducing the risk of car skidding.
  • A high grid is more apt in order to get a better grip on packed ice. This is because it would help in managing the engine power delivery in a better way.
  • Many leading car rental Toronto mechanics can help drivers to remain prepared for safe driving. For this, they provide certain tips.

Hopefully, with these tips you will be able to avoid any disaster during winter months. Enjoy safe driving.